Green Tea Ice Cream 2.99

 Fried Ice Cream 4.99

Thai Taro Custard 5.50

(Thai style taro custard cake with coconut milk)

Sticky Rice with Custard 5.50

(Sweet sticky rice topped with Thai custard and coconut milk)

 Black Sticky Rice Coconut 4.99

(Burmese style black sticky rice with coconut milk and sweet potato)

 Mont Pat Toke 4.99

(Burmese style sticky rice mixed with sweet fresh coconut wrapped in banana leaves)

 Fried Sweet Banana 4.99

(Burmese style tempura banana)

 Mango Sticky Rice 5.99

(Choice of white or black sticky rice)

 Musk Melon (Melon Popsicle) 2.50

Faluda 5.99
(Best Burmese dessert made with almond jelly, coconut jelly, ice cream and pudding)

 Hot Drink

i. Jasmine Tea 1.50

ii. Green Tea 1.50

iii. Burmese Style Milk Tea (Hot Milk Tea) 2.99

Cold Drink

Top Soda 1.99

Thai Iced Tea (Add Tapioca - Additional $1) 2.99

 Thai Iced Coffee (Add Tapioca - Additional $1) 2.99

 Thai Lemon Iced Tea 2.99

Dessert and Beverages

Not All the Ingredients are listed in the Menu.

Please let your Server know if you have any Food Allergies.

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