Soft Shell Crab 10.99

    (deep fried soft shell crab served with homemade sauce)

Chicken curry with Paratha 9.99

      (Burmese style crispy pancake served with chicken curry)

 Coconut Shrimp 7.99

      (Deep fried coconut shrimp with coconut sauce)

Edamame 5.99

      (Japanese green pea)

Wakame    4.99
(Seaweed Salad)

Not All the Ingredients are listed in the Menu.

Please let your Server know if you have any Food Allergies.

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 Steamed/ Fried Dumpling 6.99

    (Dumpling stuffed with mixed vegetable or chicken served with soy sauce)

 Chicken or Vegetable Samusa 6.99

    (Fried spring roll stuffed with chicken or vegetable, onion, potato, and spices served with homemade sauce)

Grilled Beef or Chicken (Satay) 8.99

    (Marinated beef or chicken grilled with homemade peanut sauce and cucumber salad)

Crispy Eggplant or Gourd 6.99

    (Fried crispy eggplant or gourd served with homemade sauce)

Crispy Squid Rings 7.99

    (Fried crispy squid rings served with sweet chili sauce)

 Fresh or Fried Spring Roll 6.99

    Fresh roll (Vegetable or choice of meat)

    Fried roll (Vegetable or chicken)

Fried Tofu 6.99

    (Burmese style fried Chana Dal pea tofu served with homemade sauce)

 Fishcake 7.99

    (Thai style fried fishcake served with homemade sauce)

Chicken Wings  9.99

(With Thai House style Sauce or Buffalo Chicken Wing Sauce)